HVPE(수소화기상증착장비)는 염소기체(HCl)를 이용하여 금속(Al)이나 반도체(Ga, In)와 반응시켜 기체화된 반응물(GaCl)을 공정 쳄버에 이송한다. 그리고 이송된 반응물과 암모니아(NH3)가 1000℃ 이상 고온에 노출되어 사파이어웨이퍼 표면에
질화물반도체(AlN, GaN)를 성장 시킨다.

화합물 반도체를 만드는 MOCVD장비에 비하여 HVPE장비는 증착 속도가 빠르며
장비 가격이 저렴하고 10~900㎛ 우수한 막질을 만들 수 있다.

LEADERS & GLOBAL offers flexible, configurable process tools and
leading-edge processes for the precise, controllable and repeatable engineering of micro - and nano -structures.
Using TDI…s HVPE technology, Oxford Instruments can produce tools for applications such as High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes (HBLEDs), Laser Diodes and High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT).


  Flexible growth rates, from 1 ㎛/hour (for submicron layer control) to1000 ㎛/hour (for fast buffer layer growth)
  Low defect density (from to /cm2)

Wide range of layer thickness up to 100 ㎛


Cost effective templates for device manufacturing


P and N type doped materials are available


Low cost of ownership (Nometalorganics, and low usage rate for gaseous reactant materials such as HCl and NH3)


Growth of novel materials (AlGaN/GaN, InGaN/GaN, InN and AlN)


  Custom design Epitaxy
  Many templates supplied from stock
  Low to medium volume templates on 2〃, 3〃 & 4〃 wafers as standard
  Research and development programmed & contracts undertaken for specific client requirements