The GL ExP-series is extremely low internal volume and excellent long-term stability as utilizing sensor available for pressure transducers, sputtered Metal Thin Film Technology.? It enables them to be used under dangerous and harsh conditions on specialty gas installations. Applications are gas supply system / gas distribution system, process tools.

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Ex protection / Ignition protection type (Ex d IIC T4 / IP67)


CE Certified / RoHS compliant


Superior Long Term Stability (instability and output errors due to Joule-Thomson effects (cooling effects)


Hastelloy Diaphragm for corrosive gases, Stainless Steel 316L double-melted available


The circuits are isolated from external interferences with EMI/EMC filters


Electro polished Stainless steel 316L gas-wetted materials and Cleaning and package in classroom zone


0.02% Repeatability, 0.25% Accuracy


Products are designed with specific functional industry standards ( ISA, SEMI, SEMASPEC, ASTM, ASME, FM Approval)



Gas Supply System (gas cabinets/rack, VMB/P, LDS)


Gas Abatement System (gas scrubber)


Process Tools( gas jungle box/ IGS)


Bulk Supply Gas System (BSGS)


Gas Tubing/Piping



 <0.02% FSO

 Full Scale Range

 0(-14.7) to 100, 250, 500, 3000 , 10000 psi

 Burst Pressure

 600%x F.S for range from 0 to 250psi, 500%x F.S for range from 251 to 3000 psi,
 400%x F.S for range from 10K


  0.25% FS (in accordance with ISA 37.3)


 4-20 mA (2 Wire)

 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10V

 Power Supply

 DC 24V

 DC 15-24V

 Operating Temp

 -40 to 150 (200 Optional)

 Calibrated Temp

 -40 to 125

 Thermal Effect

 < 0.03% FSO / degree C within compensated temp (<0.015% FSO Optional)

 Materials Exposed To Gases

 SUS316L (Double Melt, Hastelloy Optional)

 Seal Method

 Ultra Precision Electron Beam Welding

 Internal Volume


 Surface Finish

 EP treated Ra : <0.25 ( 10 inch, 5 inch optional, in accordance with SEMI
 F19, F37)


 Metal face seal (VCR, UJR) and others (welded, NPT/PT, Swagelok compatible)

 Electrical Connector

 Pigtail, Tajimi, Bendix, D-Sub

 Fitting Size

 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, To be specified for the others

 Ex protection /
 Ignition protection type

 Ex d IIC T4 / IP67



Single Ended Type
[GL ExP - P - S- M4 - ]


Flow Through Type
[GL ExP - P - T -M4 - ]