The GL P-series is extremely low internal volume and excellent long-term stability as utilizing sensor available for UHP pressure transducers,
sputtered Metal Thin Film Technology.
It is technologically advanced products for gas supply system / gas distribution system, process tools.

LEADERS & GLOBAL only specializes in the manufacture of UHP Products for Semiconductor / LCD / LED / Solar Cell industry.
We promise you to do our best for the best quality/service and continuously endeavor to make you deep impression.



CE Certified / RoHS compliant


Superior Long Term Stability (instability and output errors due to Joule-Thomson effects (cooling effects)


Hastelloy Diaphragm for corrosive gases, Stainless Steel 316L double-melted available


The circuits are isolated from external interferences with EMI/EMC filters


Electro polished Stainless steel 316L gas-wetted materials and Cleaning and package in classroom zone


0.02% Repeatability, 0.25% Accuracy


Products are designed with specific functional industry standards ( ISA, SEMI, SEMASPEC, ASTM, ASME, FM Approval)



Gas Supply System (gas cabinets/rack, VMB/P, LDS)


Gas Abatement System (gas scrubber)


Process Tools( gas jungle box/ IGS)


Bulk Supply Gas System (BSGS)


Gas Tubing/Piping



 <0.02% FSO

 Full Scale Range

 0(-14.7) to 100, 250, 500, 3000 , 10000 psi

 Burst Pressure

 600%x F.S for range from 0 to 250psi, 500%x F.S for range from 251 to 3000 psi,
 400%x F.S for range from 10K


  0.25% FS (in accordance with ISA 37.3)


 4-20 mA (2 Wire)

 Power Supply

 DC 24V

 Operating Temp

 -40 to 150 (200 Optional)

 Calibrated Temp

 -40 to 125

 Thermal Effect

 < 0.03% FSO / degree C within compensated temp

 Materials Exposed To Gases

 SUS316L (Double Melt, Hastelloy Optional)

 Seal Method

 Ultra Precision Electron Beam Welding

 Internal Volume


 Surface Finish

 EP treated Ra : <0.25 ( 10 inch, 5 inch optional, in accordance with SEMI
 F19, F37)


 Metal face seal (VCR, UJR) and others (welded, NPT/PT, Swagelok compatible)

 Electrical Connector

 Pigtail, Tajimi, Bendix, D-Sub

 Fitting Size

 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, To be specified for the others



Single Ended Type
[GL P - P - S- M4 - ]


Flow Through Type
[GL P - P - T -M4 - ]